• Gavin: I thought it was ok when you slept with your old assistant Tag.
  • Rachel: That is totally different for two reasons. One - I didn't know that you knew that. And two, I wasn't some creep staring at his ass, we had a deep meaningful relationship.
  • Gavin: Huh. What's Tag's last name?
  • Rachel: It was ... oh my god. He didn't have a last name. It was just "Tag". You know, like Cher, or, you know, Moses.
  • Gavin: But it was a deep meaningful relationship.
  • Rachel: Oh, you know what - my first impression of you was absolutely right. You are arrogant, you are pompous ... Morgan! Morgan! Tag's last name was Morgan! Huh!
  • Gavin: It was Jones.
  • Rachel: Yeah well what are you, his boyfriend?
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Do you like Monica and Chandler or Monica and Richard more?

monica and chandler. richard was a good guy though.